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Priceless moments

Priceless moments


Hi! I'm Ryan

It's great to see you here. I won't bore you with gritty details but if we're going to get to know you as clients and friends, it's only fair you know a bit about us as well! 10 years ago we started Captured Moments Photography. It's hard to believe it's been 11! Wow. I am the photographer/retoucher/producer and Kara (my wife) is the executive creative director of window/studio displays, mini set designer and full time mommy. We've got 3 deceivingly cute daughters that you'll occasionally see around the studio. If I'm not working or with my family, you'll find me racing sailboats!


A Portrait Studio Like No Other

A Portrait Studio Like No Other

You've really got to check it out for yourself! It's truly a fun place with all kinds of samples that help you appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. Our 1100 sq/ft studio has a camera room, a private dressing suite, and a really cool theater with an 8ft screen(!)to view your images! 


Unique Products

I try really hard to create unique products that standout and showcase your images.


Custom Layouts

Working with you we'll come up with the perfect displays to accomodate your images and spaces.

Modern Twists

In this day-in-age, we're setting the trends with tech savvy mobile apps using your images!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • "What are your hours?" -  We're open 10-5, Weds-Sat. We also make exceptions if the need arises.

  • "How long do you keep the images?"- We keep purchased images on our servers for 6 months.

  • "Do you do 'airbrushing' or photoshoping?" - We do, tastefully. All ordered images will be fully retouched, not in the plastic-y skin, soft focus, everything in b+w but one thing kind of way.


  • "Do you do photography outside?" - Oh Yeah! I love outdoor sessions! Give me the beach, state park, rustic barn, back alley, back yard or front yard any day!

  • "Are pets allowed?" - Absolutely. They're family right?!

  • "What if we can't make it to the session?" - We understand that life happens! If you give us at least 48 hours notice, you'll be able to reschedule for more convenient time.

  • "What backgrounds do you have?" - Literally too many to list! I like to match up the perfect set to go with the outfits you've brought.

  • "Do I have to make an appointment?" - Definitely! We want to work with you to plan out the ideal session and to pull together the perfect outfits. Also depending on the location of the shoot, we'll be considering the weather and lighting.

  • "Can I bring my own props?" - Please! We encourage it. This really personalizes the session. 

  • "How many outfits can I bring?" - That's going to depend on the type of session you're doing and most importantly that we discuss it beforehand. I'll break it down real quick: Specialty mini: 1, Standard session: 2, High School Seniors: 3, High School Senior Combo: 6, Boudoir: 6, Executives: 2. 


  • "Do I get ALL the digitals?"  - Yes and No. No, they don't come with the session, Yes, they can be purchased as part of a collection or a la carte.

  • "How do I order?" - Directly following your photoshoot we'll schedule a time to come back to the studio where we view your images in our theater. That's when you'll choose and purchase the prints and products you're going to love!

  • "How long does it take to get my order back?" - We take a lot of pride in creating top of the line products. They can take between 3-6 weeks.

  • "Do you sell sheets of prints?" - Nope. We sell each print individually so you're getting exactly what you want.

  • "When are payments due?" Because of the custom nature of your products, we take full payment at the View & Choose session when you place your order. Payment plans are available as well.